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Expert Author Tom Mc Carrick

One of the biggest costs associated with owning a car is the cost of car insurance. It can vary a lot from model to model, but it normally follows that, the more powerful the car, the higher will be the insurance premium. Another factor that affects the price is the age of the driver. For obvious reasons, younger drivers are a higher risk and for a driver under the age of 25, the cost of auto insurance may just be too high.
This is especially true for male drivers. A high percentage of the car accidents that happen today involve drivers under 25 and these are mostly male.
Auto insurance premiums can vary greatly between different providers - it certainly pays to 'shop around'. It can be well worthwhile to get an online motor insurance quote from several different companies. There are many insurance comparison websites available, where you can compare various quotes side by side, and see the features that are associated with each.
I know from my own experience that a little time spent browsing for insurance value can result in big savings. I would not have considered my premium to be over-expensive, yet I was able to insure my car for almost 30% less than I had paid the previous year, when I checked out one of the comparison websites.
Getting a motor insurance quote online is pretty easy - you just answer a few questions about yourself and the car, and before long you can see what the bottom line is.
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